Commitment to Sophistication

ARIKAN PARTNERS attorneys are recognized for their commitment to the sophisticated representation of its clients. Its team of jurists having played key roles in numerous multi-million dollar transactions are trained and experienced to take responsibility in most challenging legal and business matters as well as in most complicated dispute resolution cases.

In parallel with providing sophisticated legal services, ARIKAN PARTNERS understands and pays attention to the business needs of its clients. The combination of legal knowledge, responsiveness, business mindedness and thoughtfulness of firm’s attorneys make the firm different from most of local and international law firms operating in Turkey.

Firm’s attorneys had their law education and academic background in most reputed law schools in Turkey and abroad. The firm is committed to welcome the best law school graduates every year.

Our Values | Fluent in success


Our Approach

  • Dedicated to meticoulessness
  • Drawn to perfection
  • Tailor made legal services

Our Vision

  • High scale legal services for incorporations with an operational power of multi-billion USD.
  • Team of professionals rendering highest level of legal and business consultancy services around the world.
  • Staying up to date with all current developments in legal and business world.

Our Mission

  • Establishing a bridge between local and international stakeholders in the region.

  • Assisting clients in the achievement of most successful outcomes in their business transactions.

  • Training the most skilled professionals.