ARIKAN PARTNERS, having a sophisticated understanding of the expectations and needs of its clients, is the sole law firm in Turkey who provides training services supported by compliance functions.

Thorough this innovative approach, ARIKAN PARTNERS enables its clients to reduce their legal and operational risks by complying with the regulatory requirements and to improve their labor force by providing their teams with the required training programs as per the organization’s size, form of entity, field of business, complexity and the legal norms.

This innovative approach combining the training and compliance practices is set to add a great value to the client companies’ organizations and is supported by a unique legal protection mechanism along with the firm’s experience in a variety of fields of law.

ARIKAN PARTNERS also provides its clients with customized training services by analyzing their needs and by perfectly designating the frame of the legal requirements at each relevant sector. It is in this respect that the firm provides various soft skill trainings as well as technical trainings through different methods such as intra-class, web based, workshop, webinar course-wares.



We are thrilled to announce the successful participation of ARIKAN PARTNERS in the prestigious GAR Live Istanbul 2023, a distinguished international conference on global arbitration. As a Silver Sponsor, ARIKAN PARTNERS played a pivotal role in supporting this event, which took place at Ciragan Palace Kempinski on June 22, 2023.